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FamilyHealth24.com is a health benefits dedicated diary . We focus on producing very good content that can benefit every individual to stay healthy. In today’s busy lifestyle, we all want to succeed but we are leaving our Health behind in this race of competition.

We are open for Guest Posting to this website. A lot of our readers and other bloggers always asked for writing guest articles to FamilyHealth24.com – So, we decided to accept the Author guest Posts about Health and Nutrition to gives you a chance to popularize yourself and your blog and business.

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  • We provide unique content and thus you will get a chance to be featured on our website.
  • This blog is a Page Rank (PR 1) blog, so you will get a lot of authority for your website.
  • Good amount of Traffic and your article will be featured on our homepage for a few days.
  • You will get a SEO- Friendly Link in the Author’s Bio Section and thus giving you popularity over the web.
  • We allow one anchor text in your post with your website url!

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By sending the Author Guest Article, you are required to abide by our terms and conditions which are as follows :-
  1. Don’t publish this article anywhere else on the web, once its published here.
  2. Don’t copy it from any other website, all your content must be original and unique.
  3. Don’t use copyrighted images at all, if used in any article then proper source should be cited below the image.
  4. If your content is not good and looks like a promotional content only, then it will not be accepted here.
  5. Thin content less than 300 words will not be accepted.
  6. You are not allowed to insert your affiliate links into the guest article but we allow your website link.
  7. We will run our own advertisements on this article also and you should have no objection about this.
  8. If you are found to be a scam blog, then your article will be deleted and you will not allowed to publish any other guest article on this blog.


Please Note : If you are found to be in violation with any of our terms and conditions, then it may lead to deletion of your article and all your further Author Guest Articles will be terminated and you will be banned for further Author Opportunities.

If you agree to all these terms and conditions, then you can submit your guest article to our website. Please send us the .doc file and the images that you want us to insert in your article to our professional email ID : familyhealth24@gmail.com

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