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What You Should Know About Health Insurance for Student

College students are already bombarded by a lot of things such as studying, tuition fees and schedules. Living a hectic life may lead to sickness, but that’s the last thing that they need to experience or attend to. However, the unfortunate circumstances happen at the most unexpected times hence you need to be proactive. One way of preparing for such is having a health insurance. Here’s what you need to know about getting covered as a student.


Do I need a health insurance?


If you are about to lose coverage through your university or college or parents’ health plan, then yes, you definitely need a policy. Going broke or incurring a huge medical expense is inevitable if you had an accident and sustained serious medical injuries. The same goes with when you contracted a serious illness. A single trip to the hospital alone could run into hundreds of dollars or more.


What is the most appropriate plan for me?


A health insurance policy that is right for you will depend on your age and health condition. Nonetheless, a coverage should include the core benefits such as hospital care (inpatient and outpatient), emergency services, preventive care, chronic disease management and mental health disorder services and treatments, among others. Devices for students suffering from injuries or disabilities should also be included.


What options are available for me?


With the plethora of plans available for college students like you, finding a decent plan that is well within your monthly budget is possible. Here are some options.


Family or parents’ plan


In the US, if your age is below 26 years old, you may be included in your parents’ plan at an additional cost. If the coverage is a family plan, you could be included at no additional cost. However, your parents still need to contact the insurance provider to determine if you are eligible or not.


University’s plan


Colleges and universities provide a coverage for their students. However, this also varies. For instance, your college may be offering coverage for students who are currently enrolled in any of its academic programs. Nonetheless, there are universities that extend policies for students who are currently taking their time off. Some other universities also include graduates for a specified time after graduation. If you are in secondary school and looking out for a university or college, make sure that the institution offers health insurance benefits.


Employer’s plan


If you are currently employed while studying, you may avail an employer-provided health insurance plan. If you are not yet employed but is currently looking for a job, better look for a prospective employer that offers health insurance benefits.


The necessity of a health insurance cannot be ignored especially by the college students. An insurance is a form of protection in case of illnesses and accidents. Your main concern as a student should not be whether you should avail one or not. Instead, you need to determine which health insurance plan is the right one for you. Good thing you has many policy options that you may look into individually.


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