Heart Attack

What to do when having a heart attack

I hope you never have to use this information, but I know prepare for something like this will work as life saving. So, discuss with your family members, coworkers, friends as well as doctors about the symptoms of heart attack and what to do when having a heart attack. Make a proper and effective plan. You can also rehearse your plan as like a fire drill with your family members or friends. Discuss about the signs of heart attack and the fast acting by calling 9-1-1 within moments. Explain them clearly about what to do for a heart attack and ask them to call 9-1-1 rather than driving themselves to the hospitals.

This article will help you by giving some necessary and effective tips about what to do when having a heart attack. So, let us read and take some necessary steps before experiencing such painful situation.

  • Act quickly:

When you or anyone of your family gets a heart attack, call to 9-1-1 immediately. When you think that you are having a heart attack or heart problems try to get help immediately. If you wait longer, the chance of getting server or permanent damages to your heart will increase. Moreover, you may have to die without taking immediate actions. Many treatments are more effective if these can be taken within 1-2 hours. The first and foremost duty is to call emergency service within few minutes. A research shows that the people who have called 9-1-1 immediately and get treatment from trained medical staff at ambulances, can save themselves from the condition being worsened. Taking help of emergency service can stabilize your or victim’s condition from being worse.

  • Chew an Aspirin quickly

After you have called for an emergency help, it will be better to chew an aspirin. Aspirin will help you to prevent from further clots developing. Do not swallow it, just chew it completely. Because, chewed aspirin can mix with the blood stream quickly rather than the swallowed aspirin. Buffered aspirin cannot be absorbed like a regular aspirin. But, if you have not any other way, crush it before swallowing. Keep in mind, if you have allergy problems with aspirin, then you are requested not to take it.

  • Nitroglycerin

This treatment is for those who already had a major or small heart attack. Ask your physician if you have to take a nitroglycerin for any subsequent attack. If your doctors prescribed to take nitroglycerin pill, you should follow the orders. But, if you are not sure about the procedure of taking nitroglycerin when you feel pain in chest, ask your doctor to give instruction about how to use it.

  • Information that you need to collect

20100924 heart attack What to do when having a heart attack

Keep an address of the nearest cardiac care that gives 24-hour emergency services. Keep the address at any suitable place from where you can take that within minutes. Many expert doctors recommend resting ECG to their patient who already has a heart attack or is at risk level of heart attack. If you have any existing ECG copy then give it to the doctors of the emergency department to guide. It will be good to make a medication list that you are taking now. Do not forget to include those medications with which you are allergic. Such information will help you to get appropriate treatments.

Here is all necessary information about what to do for a heart attack. I hope you have read this carefully and will start to prepare yourself from now.


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