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Ways to keep your children from whining

If you are struggling with your child’s tendency to whine, we are here to help. The first thing to keep in mind when struggling with any parenting issue is that you are not alone. There are thousands of other parents who have gone through the same struggles you face—take advantage! Visit their blogs and covet their tips. The internet has made so much information available to you, so make good use of it.

As for our tips on how to get your child to stop whining, we first suggest that you nip it in the bud immediately. The very first time your child whines for attention, you should acknowledge that you heard. The whining is most likely an attempt to get your attention. Let your child know they have that and there will be nothing to whine about.

 Ways to keep your children from whining
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It might seem difficult, but you should practice empathy before launching into a lecture. If your child wants something, let them know you wish they could have it. Maybe suggest they add it to their birthday or holiday wish list or save up their own money to purchase it. Repeating the mantra “you can’t always get what you want” will only fuel your child’s self-pity. Giving them the option to attain the item themselves will give them hope and teach them how to save up as well.

Make sure your child knows what whining is. You should point out the noises they make and identify them as whining, or even mimic the noises yourself. You must be sure not to sound like you are making fun of them, however. Talking to your child about this at a time when they are calm will help get the message across.

Positive reinforcement is the most important part of disciplining a child. You have to make sure your child knows when his or her behavior is good so that they know what to repeat. One example of positive reinforcement includes thanking your child for using their sweet voice.

 Ways to keep your children from whining
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The one thing that will not earn success when it comes to your child’s whining is ignoring the problem. As previously stated, whining is often a child’s way of trying to get your attention. If you do not give the child the attention they crave, they will only try harder. A child can whine a lot longer than you can maintain your patience. Instead of ignoring, tell your child that you understand where they are coming from but that they need to use their regular voice.

If you are struggling to get your child to stop whining, you might want to consider whispering your response. If you whisper, your child will have to be quiet and pay attention to your response. Sometimes, your child will even mimic your whisper and, therefore, stop whining.

A child who whines might be trying to reconnect with you. If you think this might be the case, consider spending some quality time with your child. A meal or a movie will suffice. Some kids need this quality time once or twice a day to let them know you care. This will likely reduce the whining behaviors.

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