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Ways To Prevent Common Injuries from Happening in Your Home

Although accidents are prone to occur while on the road or at work, many people can also become injured right in their own home. Between falls to slips, there are several areas that can be hazards without using caution and the right tools. To prevent common injuries while at home, there are several ways to create a safer environment while also practicing a few tips to protect yourself.

Use Handrails on the Stairs

Slips and falls can occur on the stairs both in and outside of the home without proper precaution. It’s important to have handrails installed on both sides of the stairs and the area should be free of clutter or debris. You can also install proper lighting overhead to promote visibility when accessing the stairs.

Install Window Guards

Most people assume that window screens are strong enough to protect a fall from the inside of a home. Unfortunately, children under the age of five and those over the age of 70 are most likely to fall through a window, which often leads to an injury or death. Install window guards on second and third floors of homes and make it difficult to reach the window with furniture that is in the room.

Minimize the Use of Rugs

According to Cantini Law Group Accident and Disability Lawyers, personal injury firms in Saint John, falls are the most common type of injury to occur at home, which can often be attributed to tripping over a rug that is in a hallway or on the stairs. Although it’s a decorative piece in the home, rugs can be a hazard that leads to injury for all ages. Use double-sided tape over any rugs that must be used on the property and avoid using small rugs, which are more likely to curl up and cause someone to trip.


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Train Your Pets

Having a cat or dog may be just another addition to the family, but they also cause 86,000 falls each year in the home. Enroll your pet in a training school, which will reinforce obedient behavior and allow them to remain calm while on the property.


The home is considered a cozy and comfortable place to reside in for most people. Whether relaxing or cooking food, it’s a safe haven where injuries do not always seem likely. Although it may be your favorite place to spend time in, it’s important to reduce the risk of injury by removing common hazards and practicing common safety tips.

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