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Top 5 Reasons to Start Eating Breakfast

I totally get it – breakfast can be the hardest meal of the day. Who wants to wake up 15 minutes early to walk blurry-eyed to the kitchen to make breakfast even if it’s just cereal when you can barely concentrate on getting there? Skipping breakfast is all too common these days and that can be a big mistake. It can help us in so many ways from waking us up to helping us lose weight. Let’s break down the top 5 reasons to start eating breakfast everyday!

breakfast Top 5 Reasons to Start Eating Breakfast
Start Eating Breakfast

1. Induce Weight Loss
It’s not about eating just anything for breakfast; it is about eating the proper breakfast! A 2008 study by Vander Wal and associates found that those who ate eggs regularly for breakfast (along with dieting) lost significantly more weight than those who ate bagels over an 8 week period. The egg eating group had a 16% greater reduction in body fat and lost 65% more weight compared to the bagel eating group! This might make you drop the bagel and start eating a few eggs during the week to help induce weight loss!

2. Keep the Weight Off Long Term
Another great reason to eat breakfast is that not only can it help you lose weight it can also help you keep it off! Wyatt and associates in 2012 found that those who were able to successfully maintain their weight loss over the long term (over 30 pounds for at least one year) were more likely to eat breakfast! Over 78% of people that maintained this long term weight loss ate breakfast while only 4% didn’t eat breakfast! That is a staggering correlation that could point to breakfast helping people lose weight and keep it off in the long run!

3. Causes Less Snacking
One of the main reasons behind the fact that breakfast can help us lose weight and keep it off is that it causes us to snack less throughout the day! A recent study from the University of Missouri demonstrated that when women ate a high quality, protein breakfast they ate significantly less throughout the morning! There are a number of other studies to back this that have found breakfast can help you feel full and lead to less daily snacking. A good option is to eat high quality protein and fiber to help satiate your appetite longer!

4. Energizes
We’ve already hit on eggs – no wonder they are one of my favorite foods (yolks and all)! Eggs are literally loaded with energy! Along with their high quality protein load (which we will discuss below) they are also full of vitamins and minerals. One such group is the B-vitamins found in egg yolks which helps produce energy. This basically means that eggs are the perfect energy go-to in the morning!
5. Build Muscle via Protein
Your morning meal is perfect for providing your body with not only vitamins but also protein! As stated earlier this protein (along with fiber) is great for helping us feel full longer but it can also help induce muscle growth – along with the proper training regime. More muscle leads to you being stronger, improving your quality of life, and burning more calories throughout the day! Fuel up with a high quality breakfast full of protein and fiber to help build muscle and keep you full!
Breakfast can literally set you up for a great day! Eating a regular breakfast that involves eggs not only helps you energize but it can also help you lose weight and build muscle! Whether you like eating breakfast or not, make sure you find the plan that you can stick to and that work for you!

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