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Throbbing Tooth? 4 Signs You Should Have It Pulled

We often approach our teeth retroactively. Preventative measures are easy to dismiss. After all, how many of us really floss our teeth or gurgle that burning mouthwash on a regular basis? We notice our teeth when they become a problem and a throbbing tooth is a huge one. But pump the brakes before you reach for that Orajel. Here are four signs that your throbbing tooth needs some professional attention.

Tooth Trouble 4 Signs You Should Have It Pulled 300x199 Throbbing Tooth? 4 Signs You Should Have It Pulled

An Overcrowded Mouth

Many people simply have too many teeth in their mouth. An overcrowded mouth can cause serious pain, most often because there is a tooth that cannot break through the gums because of improper spacing. Alternatively, an overcrowded mouth can cause psychological pain if it is affecting your smile. In this case, cosmetic dentistry may be your solution, but your dentist may have to remove one tooth or several before he or she can apply corrective measures.

Undiagnosed Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is a serious condition, caused by an infection to the gums and supporting tissues. The breakdown of supportive tissue causes teeth to become loose. Extraction of one tooth or several is a possibility. However, there is one way to prevent this. Dental care is whole body care, as a gum infection could spread throughout your body. Get in the habit of making your oral health a priority and visits to the dentist a yearly occurrence. Westmount Dental Centre and many other clinics offer comprehensive care that can prevent you from reaching this stage.

Wisdom Teeth No More

Yes, your wisdom teeth can definitely cause you pain. But there are a whole host of other reasons why they may need removal. For starters, wisdom teeth often do not grow in correctly, causing problems in the structure of the jaw. Additionally, if wisdom teeth do not emerge completely, then they will become impacted and become trapped within the jaw. Needless to say, these are pretty painful scenarios and worth a trip to the dentist for extraction.

Infections, Infections

Have a throbbing pain in a particular tooth? Tooth decay is probably the culprit. Your dentist will assess the damage and determine whether the decay extends to the center of the tooth, which contains important blood vessels and nerves. If this is the case, they may decide that you need a root canal to correct the problem.


Taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to be a chore. And your visits to the dentist now will prevent more complicated procedures in your future.

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