Preparing Your Teen for His First Night Out

Having a child means making a whole lot of life changes, as any parent can tell you. It goes from when it is an infant, to its toddler years, through the first school days, all the way to and passed their teen ages. The trouble you might experience while your child is still essentially a child pales in comparison to those when it starts turning into a young adult – in addition to all the hormonal changes, you’ll have to deal with a part of life you know quite well – but with an emphasis on the fact that you have knowledge acquired based on all the mistakes you might have made. Preparing your future young adult for his first night out is perhaps one of the most difficult lessons you’ll have to teach.

Your Responsibilities

No matter how much you do not want to be a nagging, chiding parent, you need to guide your child through growing up, and nights out play a significant role in this part of their life.

Before you decide to preach to your child about all the vices and dangerous situations that can be encountered on the road to adulthood, make sure you’ve done your part – you always have to be able to contact your child. Nowadays, every kid on the block is equipped with a mean smartphone and, let’s face it, your kid is too. However, in case that you can’t reach your child when it’s at a party or the like, you’ll want other contacts in your phone book. Ask your child politely to give you their best friends’ phone numbers – if you have done this years back, this task will be a whole lot easier.

If you’ve allowed your child to go to a party, make sure you’ve checked where it’s taking place – this is done quite easily, with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram – we know that you are online on Facebook, at the very least – no need to bother your teen by asking them – get your information online.


teenNightOut 1024x640 Preparing Your Teen for His First Night Out

Substances have been around for ages– it’s the availability of them nowadays that’s the issue.

Let’s start with potentially the most benign of all – alcohol. Although alcohol can put your kid in a whole world of trouble, you can rest assured that, at a certain point, they will taste it and, quite likely, get intoxicated. The only thing you can do is to warn them about not mixing beverages and tell them to ebb away from drinks that smell strong. Naturally, alcohol and driving are a no-no!

When it comes to cigarettes, make sure that you’ve explained how pointless they are – the only thing you get is an addiction and monetary loss. However, bear in mind that if your kid wants a cigarette, they will find a way to get their hands on one, so explain all the long-term consequences they can cause.

When it comes to other substances, marijuana is quite debatable. While some states frown upon the usage of this substance, others have already made it legal. This is excellent, given the fact that there are a lot of websites out there that teach you the science of cannabis. Have your child learn about the effects of cannabis – both the good ones and the bad ones.


Sure, you can give your teen some pocket money, however, you should designate another portion of cash for emergencies only – if everything ends up fine, you want this cash back! This emergency cash is for things such as taking a taxi home, in case no-one sober is able to sit behind the wheel.

Bringing up a teenager is perhaps the most difficult part of raising your child, however, preparing your kid for their first night out is significantly more important than all other bumps in the road. Make sure you take things easy and relate to your own teenage self.

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