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Soothe Your Tummy with Nutrition

Stomach problems are frequent these days. Most of the people suffer from stomach disorders like stomach ulcer, stomach or stomach flu. Due to a busy professional life most of the people rely on instant junk foods that are oily, spicy, acidic and caffeinated. They face a lot of stomach problems after they have consumed this type of food. People are upset and tensed as whatever they eat seems tasteless to them or causes more problems in their stomach. So here is a list of food items which can help you to soothe your tummy and make you feel much better. These foods can be prepared at home very easily and these nutritious foods will soothe your tummy with nutrition.


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Soup is the best food that you can have in case you have an upset stomach or any other kind of problem associated with stomach. Vegetable soup or chicken soup anything is good for your health. Homemade soup cooked with a bit of butter really tastes good and is very good for your digestive system. Hot soup works wonders when people are going through stomach problems and they do not wish to eat anything.




Oatmeal is another option to soothe your tummy. Oatmeal has very low cholesterol and high amount of carbohydrates which will give you high levels of energy. Oatmeal has dietary fibres which soothe the symptoms of stomach upset to a great extent.



Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is another good option for people who are having digestive problems. It is very nutritious and also helps in easy digestion of the food. Besides these, it also helps in reducing problems like nausea and diarrhoea.




Light crackers are very good at absorbing stomach acids along with the fact that they can be digested very easily. Salted or plain crackers are very good for disturbed tummy and it is the ideal quick snack during stomach disorders.



Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is another great option while you are going through stomach problems. It reduces inflammation in our body while you are facing some disorders in stomach. It is a great option when people are having an upset tummy.



Cooked Vegetables

Cooked vegetables are one of the best options to soothe your upset tummy. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, beans, carrots and Zucchini are a great option as they are easy to digest during this time. They also revive your lost taste senses if they are cooked with some black pepper and light spices.



White Bread Toast

Simple white bread toast is very soothing during this time. They do not cause any acid reflux and are very good as they make you feel less uncomfortable as they are not fat meals and do not stay in your stomach for a long time.




Rice is another good option when you are having digestive disorders. It is a very gentle food during stomach problems as it can solidify stools, absorbs the gases and acids in stomach thus giving you relief from your upset tummy. Eating plain rice is the best but if you wish for a little flavour you can add some amount of chicken stock or vegetable to it for extra flavour.




Yogurt is a great nutritious food to have during stomach disorders. It will provide some beneficial stomach bacteria and also soothe your stomach to a great extent. It was of great help during diarrhoea as it cools the irritated belly.

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Additional Food Items

Lean meats and fish are very good for stomach this time. Meat and fish cooked in less fat are also very good for your health this time as they are very good sources of protein. They also have lots of water during stomach disorders. Drink three litres of water during this time. It makes up for the lost fluids during diarrhoea and vomiting and flush out the bad acids from your stomach. Also try to have light fruit juices that are easy to digest during this time.

You can also seek for medical assistance during this time if you have the EHIC card and get the best help from the physicians regarding your stomach disorders. The 28 European countries have the finest of doctors and they will give you the best information about what to do to soothe your upset tummy or any other kind of stomach disorders.

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