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Old Age Care: Our Obvious Duty

Have anyone asked themselves what they will do when the strength goes out of the body, when emotion surrounds one, when someone wants to do things and just at that moments he or she realizes that it is too late cause his or her body has lost its strength. This think seems like a story but actually its not. This happens to one person when they grow older.  But all one need is the mental strength to deal with this situations and this will happen when one takes care or there being taken care at the old age.

Getting old is destined to every living thing on this planet. From human to tree, insects everything ages. When we start to age our body functions, cells, immune & digestive system everything weakens. At this age people needs to be extra cautious about their health.

Old age

People become helpless as they grow older. About 25% of the old people at 85 are not able to take care of themselves. They need other’s help and assistance through volunteer of family members and senior centers etc. Physically they become weak. Being old not only weakens physically but also mentally.

Old age is very critical period of life time. At this age due to lack of strength and willingness one becomes depressed easily. Because they are hardly capable of doing any work and depression surrounds them with loneliness which causes one’s health to get worsen. Only family members can help them at times like this, giving them proper food at proper time, and always interacting with them to not let them think they are alone.

With Old age more physical problems arises with it. Many diseases signs are show in the body as the immune system weakens. Perfect treatment and medic can help one to remain healthy.

The most necessary thing for maintaining a good health at an old age is to be in the clean and cheerful environment. And regular exercises like walking, jogging, in the morning or afternoon. Grandchildren’s can be very helpful time pass for the old peoples. They enjoy children’s company passing time playing with them.

Old age care is a long time process. And this process starts when a man is in his youth life or more in 30 or mid 30. Now how it is a long term process? The answer is in your mind. When people grow older their body becomes weak, it malfunctions sometimes. But this can be averted; people can live healthily for a very long time if he or she has maintained a very routine life from the very beginning of life.  

Taking care at old age is also similar to taking care of children. All one need is sympathy attention care and love of the surrounding people and it is the best care one can get at an old age.

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