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Nutritional Mistakes That Healthy People Make

Being in a top shape and in the form of your life takes a lot of effort and dedication, however it also takes a lot of sacrifice. The key to achieving this long term goal lies in regular and proper exercise, as well as in a balanced diet. However, the question of what is an adequate diet is one of the most controversial issues that modern medicine and society in general are facing.

Do not starve yourself!

Some people believe that the only way for you to lose weight is to starve yourself to death. This however couldn’t be further from the truth. The best diet is always one which consists of as many different nutrients as possible (hence well balanced), and the one that is most sustainable. Even the most rigorous diet can be considered ineffective if you give up on it after a week or two.

The body remembers

Downside of starving yourself lies in the fact that your body remembers traumatic experiences. Once the starvation period is over, your appetite will be increased in order to supply your body for the next similar situation. This is what some people call the yo-yo effect since all the weight lost this way tends to come back shortly after. So, in the long term these kinds of diets turn out to be nothing but a waste of time and self-imposed torture.

The risks are real

Now, some people will probably be prone to believe that the issue of weight and diet are about nothing more than physical appearance – yet another mistake. According to US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, bad feeding habits in childhood can cause obesity, insulin resistance, even metabolic syndrome in adults. The excessive intake of some nutrients and the tendency to disregard some other can cause a serious disturbance in a young organism. This is why, when children are in question one needs to be even more careful.

The myth about organic food

Everyone knows that organic food is healthier. However, there are some urban beliefs that prevent people from adopting it. The first and by far the most famous among them is the idea that organic food is extremely expensive. This however is not always true and it is possible to find gluten free Organics on a Budget. All you need to do now is ask yourself – how much is your health worth to you.

Your organism is complex mechanism

Some people try to simplify the way in which human organism works so they come to a simple conclusion that proteins are good and carbs, fat and sugar are bad. Still, they are all required for your body to functions properly. One similar prejudice is that the most important things about proper nutrition is counting calories. The truth however is that different food types take different metabolic pathwaysso this is nothing more than pure simplification. So, if you planned on eating as much proteins as you can and avoid carbs, do not be surprised when this diet doesn’t work as you planned.

Keep your eyes open

Some of the most common feeding prejudices are most often nothing more than myths that are taken for granted as a common knowledge. One of the examples for this is an idea that fruit juices are completely healthy. This sadly is no longer true. Some orange juices have the same sugar levels like Coca-Cola, the only difference being that people do not know this as a fact. This and many other, similar reasons are why you should always read the label.

There is no excuse

Although some people will often find excuses for their unhealthy diet saying that they are used to it, habit is not something that you are born with. You can as easily train your brain and body, to require adequate nutrients, now that you know what adequate nutrients are. Eating fast food constantly will get you used to this type of nutrition, so why not turn this to your own advantage and create some healthy feeding habits that you won’t easily shake off later on?

As we mentioned before, human organism is an extremely complex system and it requires diversity of food above all else. Disregarding any food type will not get you far and as soon as you realize this simple truth you will already be on a right path. When your own health is in question, you cannot afford to take any chances so do your research properly before you decide to change anything in your diet.

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