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5 Most Common Teenage Problems

The age of teenager means having associated with various kinds of problems. Almost all the teenagers have to face different kinds of problems both physically and mentally. At that age, their attitude begins changing. That’s why; every parent should have to give more concentration on their children at this stage. Unfortunately, most of the parents do not have the faintest interest about those problems of their teenage boys and girls. As I have experienced different kinds of problems at the teenage age I know about the problems that suffers a teenager much. Here I have stated 5 most common teenage problems that almost every teenager has to face.


1)     Being Bullied at School: Being bullied at school is one of the most common teenagers problems. There are lots of children who face this kind of problems. They are being bullied in their school either by other kids or by their teachers. You may see that your children comes at home with a frightened face and acts strange. May be they force you to change the school. Some of them will not say the specific reason because they are threatened not to tell anyone. This brings much psychological torment and change their behavior. As a parent you should have to ask your children about their fear. But before that, you should have a good relationship with your child. It will solve the problems easily.

2)     Sexual Harassment: Almost every teenager is sensitive and emotional. In most cases they also fall in other kinds of teenagers’ problem, which is sexual harassment and abuse. There are lots of teenagers who are being harassed sexually every day. They are harassed or abused by their friends, teachers even if by their family members. Some of them feel embarrassed and don’t let others know. This impact much upon their mental development. So, every parent should create a safe environment for their child as they are not in danger of being harassed or abused sexually.

12 5 Most Common Teenage Problems

3)     Peer Pressure: This is another important teenager’s problem. Copying with peer is a difficult task for the teenagers. Some of the teenagers are forced to do smoke, drugs or take alcohol by their mates. As teenagers are not mentally maturated, they can not copy with their peer or mates. Sometimes, they are also being threatened by their peers for not to tell it anybody. This is one of the great challenges for every teenager. If you are a parent, then you should teach your child to decide what is good and what is bad for them.

4)     Broken Home: Though this is a teenage problem but the problem is created by their parents. Now a day it becomes a fashion to the people to give divorce or remarry. They are doing this for their own selfish interest, but it affects much on their innocent children. There are lots of teenagers who are being hampered mentally for their parent’s divorce.

5)     Lack of Attention: This is a common but necessary problems that everyone should care much. Everybody loves to get attention from others. Teenagers don’t like to be neglected. As people are now running behind money they don’t give much attention to their children. May be they give money to their children to buy video games or other toys, but they don’t care for others particular interest. Every teenager wants to spend time with their parents and desired to get much attention from them.

Here are 5 common teenagers problem that almost every child faces. If you are a teenager, you should be more aware in these facts, and if you are a parent then you should ensure better and safe place for your child.

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