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How to make your body cancer-proof

Scientists and researchers are taking many different measures to treat cancer. Earlier, an Ohio State University professor, Gary Stoner researched about polyphenols, a compound found in seaweed. According to his research, this compound helps shrink cancer like tumors. Apart from having healthy food, it would be better to have health supplements and generic drugs from an online chemist. AllDayChemist is one such best known online pharmacy that offers high quality drugs and medicines to its customers. Now, let’s check out some of the strategies that can aid in the treatment of cancer.

100 How to make your body cancer proof

Drink pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is a luscious red fruit that contains elements like polyphenols, is flavones and allergic acid. A recent study showed that these elements prove useful in reducing the risk of cancer. Another research has proved that this fruits deep red juice makes it a potent anti-cancer combo. This juice is believed to stabilize the PSA levels in men and delay the growth of prostate cancer.

Eat blueberries

A study showed that a compound called as pterostilbene has colon cancer fighting properties. This compound is usually found in blueberries. According to the study, a diet enriched with pterostilbene led to a drop in 57 percent of the precancerous lesions within 8 weeks. There is also plenty of vitamin C in blueberries that can reduce up to 50 percent of the development of premalignant oral lesions. If food is not fulfilling the daily requirements of vitamin C, then it is better to get health supplements from an online chemist. AllDayChemist is the best online pharmacy that has many kinds of generic drugs and medicines for their customers.

Spend time outdoors

Since a long time, scientists and researchers have been saying that vitamin D is a potent cancer fighter. This is true as a study proved that those women who had vitamin D every day reduced their cancer risk up to 60 percent in a 4 year period. Vitamin D also helps in functioning of the immune system. If food stuffs are not fulfilling the daily requirements of vitamin D, then opt for health supplements that are available at any online chemist. AllDayChemist is one such best online pharmacy that has a wide variety of generic drugs and health supplements for customers to buy online.

Order sushi

The dried or roasted seaweed sheets are mostly used when making sushi. According to a study, seaweed consists of polyphenols that can reduce up to 43 percent of the skin cancer tumors. Apart from that, it is low in calories and fat. Seaweed apparently gives heart-helping fiber, bone-building calcium and iron. It is also considered as a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Here are Signs of Cancer: Know are you at risk?

The above mentioned tips can surely help in treating cancer as well as in reducing its risk. However, there are also some other methods like having pop selenium, keeping away from smoking, regular exercise and lesser anxiety levels that can reduce the cancer risk. It is also preferable to opt for health supplements and generic drugs from an online chemist as an addition to the regular diet. AllDayChemist is one of the best known online pharmacies that are famous for its high quality medicines and drugs.

To Sum it all up:

This blog talks about the best ways that prove helpful while treating cancer. It also mentions the facts about certain foods that are useful to decrease the risk of cancer.

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