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What happens when the kids leave home?

Parenthood is both a wonderful and difficult experience of raising children and leading them to adulthood. Being a parent is a very responsible and very demanding job as it requires a lot of effort and energy to bring up a child to be an independent person. It is a road full of surprises, and many tears will be shed, but it will also give you an opportunity to experience lovely moments you will never forget. From the moment they are born until the moment they reach the age when they are ready to leave home, you will be there to support them and show them the right way. Even though it’s a sacrifice, as you will not manage to realize all your plans and wishes, it’s a worthwhile endeavor because love is a what gives us strength and motivates us to start this amazing journey.

When the kids become mature enough to leave the nest, many things start changing in the parents’ lives. They have dedicated most of their time doing their best to be good parents, and now their children are off to see the world. It’s a significant event and a stressful experience for both of the spouses. Suddenly, with an empty nest, they realize that they are alone and that they are facing a new stage of their relationship. They have much more free time to devote to each other as their lives are not so much focused on their children’s needs and activities anymore. This is a not only a transitional period when they need to let go of their children and learn how to preserve the fun and sensuality in their marriage, but also a period of soul-searching and realizing some of their dreams.

According to statistics, an empty nest is a perilous period for most married couples and may cause marital problems which unfortunately sometimes leads to a divorce. In many cases, children are the ones who bring life into a house and keep the relationships lively and healthy. After they leave, parents feel a sort of emptiness and get pretty vulnerable at this stage. Pursuing a career and parenting is pretty time-consuming and, now when they are alone, they encounter a surplus of time and start reevaluating themselves as parents. In some cases, spouses become emotionally distant which, in the long run, might cause alienation, and subsequently divorce.

However, this new phase in life is a perfect chance for a married couple to start examining the internal dynamics of their relationship and rekindle romance and passion. It will certainly take some time to achieve this and sometimes it can be an uphill battle, but it is necessary in order to preserve a good marriage. Throughout their lives, spouses experience quite a few changes, from dating to becoming grandparents. Although they usually do not have much free time to nurture their marriage, they surely evolve. However, at this point, it’s crucial to communicate as much as possible. They need to talk about memories and the future, feelings and plans and any problems that each of them encounters. There are so many things you can do to rediscover your relationship such as taking long evening walks, enjoying in a romantic dinner, travelling, having a picnic in a nearby park, even taking up a new hobby. The most important thing is not to stop communicating and isolate yourself as it might lead to a conflict, and maybe even a break up.

For most married couples this period might be heavily emotional, as they might experience feelings of both fear and excitement. Sometimes, certain couples are at a loss what to do and the only solution they can see is divorce. If you feel that you need professional assistance, it’s perfectly normal and, even advisable to consult a marriage counselor who will give you a few helpful relationship tips. There is no need to feel awkward and unpleasant about it, as it is another efficient way you can improve and revamp your marriage and look forward to tremendously enjoyable nest years and many new fantastic moments together.

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