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The Impact of Social Interaction on Elderly Family Members

Social interaction is as necessary of a need as eating, sleeping and security. It represents the mental and emotional fulfillment that people need.


As people age, this need tends to go unfulfilled. Elderly family members tend to become more reclusive, and thus they become separated from this world. This can lead to detrimental health effects and other inhospitable situations.


Let’s examine just how important social interaction is for elderly individuals.

Establishing Relationships

The feeling of isolation is something that elderly individuals tend to encounter. This happens because the friends whom the person depended upon for social interaction have become unavailable.This leads to feeling alone in the world.


Social interaction is the first step to establishing new relationships. These relationships can help with everything from lowering stress to solving the problems that the elderly tend to face.

Maintaining Health

Social interaction is one of the best ways to reduce stress, to keep the mind occupied, and to ward off the types of diseases that old age and a sedentary lifestyle can bring.


A little conversation can be enough to ward off or slow the progression of life-threatening conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It can even be enough to keep an elderly individual exercising so that their body stays in as optimal as a condition as their age will allow.

Reducing Stress

Stress is a side effect of life, but too much stress or the inability to cope with existing stress can lead to a plethora of adverse conditions. The best way to remove stress is to talk about problems with other like-minded individuals.


For elderly persons, the ability to lessen stress is something vital to ensuring that they will be able to live both a healthy and a happy life.That makes social interaction even more important.

Finding People to Interact With

The hardest part of social interaction is finding similar people to interact with. This can be nearly impossible, considering the numerous challenges that the elderly face.


One way to ensure that an aging individual can maintain social interaction is to have them visit communities where there are other elderly people. Places like the Eugene assisted living community of Sunshine Retirement Living and senior recreational programs are ideal spots for this to happen.

The Importance of Being Social

Social interaction is key in ensuring that an aging individual is able to maintain a healthy, happy and overall satisfying life while warding off the feeling of loneliness. It can even help to keep progressively degenerative diseases away or to slow their progress.

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