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How to Maintain Better Man Health?

Man is the symbol of strength, joy, and youth. All this comes from keeping good health.

Health is the root of all happiness. If it’s not in a good shape odd goes all against ones will, in case of both men and women. Man is the accomplisher for the hard & tough works. A healthy man leads a healthy life. So a man should take care of his health because, it has a great value no matter where a man goes. So man health is very important. To keep a good health, man should follow the instructions below.

Eating Habit: The eating habit of one should be maintained in a routine. Without eating in a good routine one would hardly get a good health. Fast foods are harmful for health.  

Adequate Sleep: Adequate sleep is very important to gain good health and life. Sleeping more or less, than standard 6 to 8 hours affects the body and brain .Later people suffers from physiological problem.   

Exercise: Exercise is the major key to improve one’s health and maintain a healthy happy life. Without exercise, the body loses its flexibility and swiftness.  Overweight becomes the nightmare if one does not do at least half an hour exercise. Because fat remains in the body until it is worn out by exercise.

Some good exercise:

  • Pushups
  • Swimming
  • Running (etc.)


Things to Avoid for a man to keep a good health:

A man doesn’t have to be huge or muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger to be healthy. A thin man can also be called healthy if he does some regular exercise and keep good routine. Though he has to avoid some bad habits that a man normally possesses. Like- Smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.

Now, drugs like; weed, heroine, Other sensational drugs are big deal. It  eat out the human body slowly damaging one psychologically and physically. Man should avoid this drugs cause they only kill at the end of  the day. Creating chaos on the society it trigger s the unethical works in the society.

Not only society it destroys the family. Only one addicted member can destroy the whole family. So it is dangerous so families should create awareness among the family members. Now this teen agers fall for the drugs easily. Boys become the victim of it, much more quicker cause they meet with lots of people and friends so it becomes easy for them to get a hold on to those things.    

The main role of  a man should be avoiding the drugs, to make themselves healthy and other person as well.       

 To lead a healthy life man should also practice meditation and yoga. Thus, a man and a good health would symbolize each other.  

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