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Healthy Lunch Ideas to get a fit body

All of us love food, and we always try to take our favorite food item at the time of taking meal. Sometime we have to avoid some of our favorite meal for their adverse health value. As we have to stay busy at noon, eating balanced and right kind of food is an important task for busy people. This article is for such busy people to pick healthy lunch ideas for their lunch. It will help you by providing healthy lunch ideas that will help you to keep healthy.

At the time of lunch, you may be busy at your office or workstations; as a result, it is very difficult to pick healthy meals within this short break. You may look over a nearby restaurant, to pick your lunch. The greasy and cheesy foods are ordered, as these are big filler for your stomach. Though they are big filler and tasty but, almost all of them are unhealthy and contained many unwanted calories. You should stop eating junk food at your lunch, if you want a healthy and sound body.

In order to get fit and healthy body you should learn about healthy lunch ideas and stop going to the restaurant during lunchtime. It will be better if you bring your lunch from home to your workstation. Prepare it before going to sleep at night or prepare it at early morning. For the first few days, it may feel little bit hard job. However, if you try for some days, surely you will love to take your hand made lunch rather than those junk foods from restaurants. It may be less tasty than the fast food, but if you are really a health conscious man, then you will enjoy it.

Some tasty and healthy lunch ideas for you

* Veggie burger:

Veggie burger is a healthy item for your lunch. Stop eating greasy and cheesy burgers and replace them by veggie burger. For this menu, you need to add some vegetable items such as:

Mushroom, half-cup corn, eight to ten chopped onion, drained chickpeas-1 tin, two-chopped garlic, chopped parsley and coriander, olive oil, and salt. At first, mix up all ingredients and make a ball with them. Preheat your oven at least 10 minutes. Now place your veggie burger ball into a non-stick oven tray. Heat it 10-15 minutes with 150 degree. Thus, you can prepare your healthy veggie burger. This is one of the tasty and simple healthy lunch ideas for the busy people.

* Salad of Chicken and Lettuce:

This is another tasty and healthy menu for the busy people. For this item you need chicken stock-1 tin, dry white wine, fresh lemon juice-1 teaspoon, olive oil-1 dessert spoon, finely chopped garlic, finely chopped green, yellow and red pepper and one bunch chopped lettuce. At first take a frying pan and add olive oil, wine fry and chicken pieces until the chicken becomes tender. Mix the rest of ingredients with salt. Now remove the chicken from the pan and serve it with chopped lettuce with your lunch. It is one of the healthy lunch ideas for you.

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