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A healthy home for a healthier life

The healthy home is the physical space where human beings spend the greater part of his life; this space, by its features and specifications, provides conditions for healthy practices of their inhabitants, preventing or reducing the risks that result of health problems. The healthy housing includes not only the house, but the physical and social surroundings, relatives and neighbors.


The healthy housing fulfills the function of providing security and protection when:

  • It is located in a safe, without risk of slipping or flood.
  • On its walls, ceiling, floor there are no cracks and holes where they can nest and live animals that generate diseases.
  • It has spaces that provide a minimum of privacy the occupants and allows personal and family development.
  • It is free of wood smoke pollution or cigarette.
  • It has clean and tidy spaces for safe food handling.
  • It has clean and appropriate spaces for pets.
  • It has artifacts, furniture and equipment necessary to develop sustainable habits and attitudes.


There are four important elements to consider in a healthy house:


Water quality in the home: Water has a close relationship with human life for their direct usefulness as an element essential to the conservation of the ecosystem. It is also a basic factor of health or disease, especially when our water is not safe or good quality. Having safe water in our house, is a right but also a responsibility, to be used properly to avoid contamination or to waste.


Management of solid waste: All we know that the improper handling of solid waste is one of the main causes of pollution in our cities, towns and neighborhoods, damages the landscape and puts at risk the health of the people. It is recommended for the management of solid waste, keep waste containers covered and in a place away from the animals, identify the different components that contain and separate waste according to whether organic or inorganic are possible considering the re- use or recycling, but there is a collection system, residents should organize a proper system for disposal without causing deterioration of the environment, not due to reuse containers that have contained hazardous substances.


Hygiene in the home and vector control: To offer housing shelter and health, it is important that people who live, feel that they belong and therefore, must take care, keep it clean and presentable, maintaining the order and cleanliness, protecting against ingress of vectors that transmit diseases like dengue, malaria, diarrhea, and so on, to make it a pleasant and safe place to live. So always clean your floor, window, garden. kitchen. washroom for healthier life.


The family atmosphere in the house: The family atmosphere in the house is expressed through caring relationships that occur daily among members of a family. The affection contributes to the development of a climate of welfare or conversely, their absence creates a climate of tension and insecurity that affect mental and emotional health of its members, especially children who are in the process of growth and development, since we assume that parents have a great influence on the behavior of their children and that this behavior is learned within the family.

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