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Headache: Common but Painful disease

The pain in the head is known as a headache. This is a popular term among the people. The disturbance which caused by the pain sensitive structure of the head is the main reason of this pain. It affects the head and neck and creates pain. It creates severe problems for the affected people.

Different Types of Headache and Their Reasons

There are about two hundred types of headache which can be harmless or life-threatening. Primary headache is the most common type of headache. Migraine and tension are the primary type. There is also secondary type. This isn’t so harmful. Sometimes it can be life-threatening which can cause damage for long term. There are different reasons for this kind of pain. Tension is the main reason of this problem. Lack of sleep is another reason behind this. There can also be some other reasons. Pain in the muscle of the neck can also create this problem. The brain lacks of the pain receptors and so it can’t create pain by itself. Both the neck and head have some sensible areas which create pain.

Treatment of Headache

Treatment is essential for any kind of problems. If you observe the symptoms of headache, you need to take steps for removing the pain. For chronic headache, acupuncture is an effective solution. Medicine can be another effective way for solving this problem. You need to have medicine which has been suggested by doctors. Medicine decreases the pain. But you need to find a solution for removing the problem. Proper diet can also help in this matter. Proper sleep, tension free life will help you to remove this problem. Medicines remove the pain quickly. But you shouldn’t try medicine if you can remove this by yourself. Maintaining some routine will help you to decrease the pain and by doing this you will be able to remove the pain gradually.

So if you are having a headache for several reasons or facing the symptoms of it, you need to discuss it with a doctor. The problem can be harmful or harmless. You need to find out the type of your pain. Then you need to follow the suggestion of the doctor. It will help you to solve your problem by removing the pain. By detecting the proper reason of the problem, you will be able to solve your problem. If you are having problems for workload, you need to decrease the workload. If lack of sleep is the main reason of this pain, then you need to sleep properly. If any kind of tension is creating this pain, then you need to remove the stress. If this is creating by improper diet, then you need to have food properly. You need to have nutritious food. By following all of these, you will be able to solve your problem. The pain will be removed and you will get relief from this. So if you are having this kind of pain, consult a doctor. Take his advice and follow them. If he suggests any medicine, then take that medicine. Otherwise don’t take medicine.

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