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Foods That Strengthen Your Children’s Teeth

Having healthy teeth at a young age helps prevent periodontal disease and other complications in the future. Strong teeth also allow you to chew food more thoroughly, so your digestive tract will also thank you for having healthy teeth. In order to make sure your children’s teeth are healthy, feed them foods that are proven to strengthen teeth.


Dairy products are high in vitamin D and calcium. Both of these nutrients contribute directly to strong bones and teeth. Specific foods in this category include milk and cheese. Soy milk is a great alternative for those unlucky lactose intolerant people who are unable to digest dairy. Soy products often have even more calcium packed into them than cow’s milk. Check the label for their respective levels of calcium and vitamin D.


Eggs are very high in protein which contains body-strengthening phosphorus. You also get the added benefit of providing your body with the proteins needed to heal and repair itself. Meat and beans are also high in protein and phosphorus and should be served to children often to keep those protein levels high. By consuming a healthy combination of eggs, meat, and beans, children are sure to obtain strong bones and teeth.


There are several types of fruits that serve different purposes in strengthening teeth. For example, limes and cranberries kill bacteria often found in the mouth and keep halitosis at bay. Strawberries contain antioxidants and malic acid that keep the oral cavity healthy, whiten teeth, and remove tartar. However, Westmount Dental Centre, a childrens dentist in Edmonton, warns that excessive malic acid can dissolve teeth enamel. Limit strawberries to small snacks and desserts.


Most people don’t realize that your average tea contains fluoride, the chemical often found in toothpastes and dental cleanings. Those who drink coffee are encourage to switch to tea to avoid teeth staining. Green tea additionally contains polyphenol; this prevents plaque from sticking to teeth. By drinking tea often, tooth decay and rot can be avoided among children.


There are a lot of medical challenges that parents should be concerned about. Oral health is key to overall physical health; by maintaining good dental hygiene, children are more likely to be healthy. Strong teeth help children digest their food easier, and a strong jaw bone keeps tooth decay at bay. Consuming the right foods helps guarantee a healthy mouth and a healthy person.

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