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Flossing – 5 Urgent Reasons You Can’t Ignore It!

Not too many things surprise the dentists at Abougoush Professional Corp. But one thing that would surprise them — in a wonderful way — is to come across a patient who flosses correctly, thoroughly, and after every meal. While most patients brush their teeth regularly, few floss regularly. Last time a dentist asked you how often you floss your teeth, how did you answer? If you are like most people, you probably looked up sheepishly and admitted, “Not as often as I probably should.”

Flossing is a grossly underutilized tool in most peoples’ oral-health arsenals. Once you understand some of the reasons why flossing is so important, you’ll probably be far less likely to skip this very important step.¬†Flossing 5 Urgent Reasons You Cant Ignore It 300x224 Flossing   5 Urgent Reasons You Cant Ignore It!

Failing to Floss is a Major Cause of Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath, or halitosis is caused when food particles become lodged between the teeth and under the gum line and decay. This decay emits a foul odor that becomes worse over time. Flossing removes the particles that decay and cause bad breath. Shouldn’t this be reason enough to floss?

Failing to Floss Increases the Odds You’ll Need a Root Canal

As food particles decay in the cracks and crevices between the teeth that tooth brushes can’t reach, they eat away at healthy enamel and dentin. The longer the plaque remains, the more damage it does. Left unchecked, it eventually will infiltrate the tooth’s nerve and cause excruciating pain that can be alleviated only by a root canal or tooth extraction. Regular flossing will prevent this painful, expensive, and inconvenient end result.

Failing to Floss is a Major Cause of Periodontal Disease

When most people think about oral health, they think about teeth. But the gums are just as susceptible to poor oral health. Flossing can prevent the tender, painful, bloody gums that are symptoms of periodontal disease.

Failing to Floss Can Contribute to Heart Disease and Diabetes 

Major health organizations agree that the buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth contributes to systemic diseases. The simple act of flossing removes the bacteria that can cause life-threatening diseases.

Failing to Floss Costs You Money
In the highly unlikely event that you don’t care about your image and overall health and are perfectly fine subjecting yourself to major dental work, maybe this reason to floss will win you over. All of the ailments that can befall a non-flosser cost a lot of money.

Whatever it is that motivates you – saving money, living long, or getting a date – you should know that flossing will further the cause.

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