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Five Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Vision

Most people are aware that staring at the sun can damage their vision, but besides the obvious there are several other ways that the eyes may be damaged without even realizing it. With common activities performed everyday, it’s easy to damage your vision in ways that you’re not aware of. To maintain your vision and prevent it from harm, there are several habits and factors to become aware of.

 Five Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Vision

1. Too Much Screen Time

Whether on the computer at work or watching television on a tablet, more people are suffering from decreased vision to due a reliance on electronic screens and straining the eyes. Damage can be avoided by looking away from the screen every 20 minutes and staring at a distance for up to a minute.

2. Smoking

Although smoking is harmful to lungs and teeth, it is also just as damaging to the eyes. The habit can increase the risk of suffering from cataracts and retinal diseases, which are often treated by eye care professionals, but can still lead to poor eye vision or complete loss of vision.

3. A Poor Diet

A poor diet that is low in fruits and vegetables often consists of high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. This can result in various diseases that are linked to eye health and can result in loss of vision. Increase your intake of Vitamins A, C, E through natural foods or supplements for improved eyesight.

4. Excessive Alcohol

According to Londonderry Eye Care consuming alcohol on a daily basis can result in slow pupil reactions and decreased vision performance levels with both double vision and blurred vision. It can also cause eye redness due to expansion of blood vessels. In some cases, drinking too much alcohol can even reduce peripheral vision or make it difficult to drive at night or in the fog.

5. UV Exposure

Not only does excessive exposure to UV rays damage the skin, but it can also have harmful effects on eyesight by affecting the retina. It’s important to wear a hat in the sun to shade the eyes, as well as use sunglasses that offer UV protection while to prevent cellular damage.

To maintain proper eye health and prevent vision loss, several changes can be made before permanent damage has occurred. The first step is becoming aware of factors that can threaten your sight and then make the necessary changes to protect your eyes.


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