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Five Essential Tips to stop smoking

Stop smoking is one of the most common topics from the younger to adults who like to smoke daily. A large number of total populations are addicted with smoking. Male person is more likely to be addicted rather than the female. If you are a cigarette lover and love to take as much cigarettes as you want, then a bad news for you that you are rushing to various dangerous diseases. May be you have tried many times to stop smoking. If you cannot pay attention on stop smoking, you cannot quit it easily. Here are five essential tips for you to stop smoking. You can follow these.

1) Without taking firm determination, you cannot stop smoking. If you want to stop smoking but do not give much effort, then you cannot quit. There are no magic pills or other top secret to stop smoking. The first step that you have to take is your firm decision. Decide whether you are going to quit smoking from today, or not.

2) Fight against your addiction of smoking. You are addicted to smoking for two reasons. One is for your bad habit and the other one is for its addictive ingredients. There are many ingredients into a cigarette to make it addictive. Over 599 bad ingredients are included into a cigarette. When you light up a cigarette, you are starting to take all bad ingredients into your lungs. Moreover, these ingredients are sent into the air, so that other people near you will be attacked.

3) Write down into a paper sheet about the reason you are smoking. It will be better if you write down it in two columns. One column will be used to write those reasons why you want to carry on smoking. The other one column will be used to write those reasons why you want to stop smoking. These columns will help you to motive your mind as well as take a great decision to stop smoking.

4) Keep a calendar or pocket notebook. Keep a record whenever you put a cigarette into your hands. Give a right mark for every cigarette you take on, even if you haven’t light up that or just take one puff. Keep also record of the price that you have spent for per cigarette. After one week, try to eliminate at least one cigarette daily. Carry on this process by eliminating one by one cigarette from your daily routine. Thus, you can quit smoking totally.

5) Seek help from your family members and the friends. Tell them to call up you when you take a cigarette in your mouth. Keep a strong relation with your family members and friends. . If you can keep busy yourself by doing social and family activities, then you will forget about taking cigarette. Thus, you can forget about smoking and quit it gradually.


Here are five tips for you to stop smoking. You will get many other tips over the internet. You can search in Google, Bing and Yahoo to find some helpful tips. Alternatively, you can see some videos on YouTube about how to stop smoking. Determine your mind to stop smoking, hope you can stop it as soon as possible.

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