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How to fight with bad breath

Half of the people in the world suffer from bad breath, a common condition and, therefore, difficult to evaluate. To avoid this, it is necessary to perform proper oral hygiene, not smoking and avoiding definite diets, among other things.


There are different reasons that cause bad smell in the mouth and one of them has to do with the inability to generate sufficient saliva, which causes dry mouth. Another reason is the poor carbohydrate diets.


Origin of bad breath

The 90% of the causes of bad breath originates in the mouth. Generally, the origin of halitosis lies in the millions of living bacteria in the oral cavity can produce volatile sulfur compounds intense odor. For this reason it is very important to perform proper oral hygiene.


From the nutritional point of view, one of the reasons that cause bad breath is poor diets carbohydrates, nutrients found in foods like pasta, potatoes, bread, rice, cereals and legumes. Over time, the lack of carbohydrates causes the body begins to use fat for energy.


In some cases, halitosis may appear as a result of disease, such as poorly controlled diabetes (sweet smelling breath) or chronic renal failure (ammonia breath odor), although the existence of these conditions does not necessarily imply the emergence of halitosis.


Solutions to bad breath

Many people recommend chewing gum as one of the solutions to bad breath, but yet this only masks the odor only in a short period of time; therefore it is a false solution and is not helpful advice.


Instead of this type of solution to bad breath, the guide or book of tricks and tips to combat bad breath is recommended to consume yogurt to help fade this problem. It is definitely a very useful advice to attack Halitosis or bad mouth odor.


The benefits of yogurt to fight bad breath were demonstrated in recent studies by scientists from Japan, because the yogurt kills bacteria that cause it. However it is not enough to just take or consume yogurt, because there are also various options to cure bad breath permanently and that in truth have livelihood to be taken into account.


Tips to improve your breath

  • Most cases of halitosis disappear when making a proper dental hygiene, brushing your teeth, gums and tongue after every meal, and complementing it with flossing dental. Visit the dentist at least once a year, to make the dental cleaning, remove tartar and discard any evidence of periodontal disease.


  • Avoid certain foods that favor the occurrence of bad breath, such as garlic and onion. In some people, consumption of cabbage, pickles and coffee cause this problem. Alcohol and snuff are other causes of bad breath.


  • Eat foods that stimulate saliva production. Avoid dry and fibrous foods that may stick to the palate, such as nuts, crackers or toast. Citric acid (characteristic of orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit) is a potent stimulator of salivary secretion.


  • Therefore, acidic drinks or water with citrus juice helps to increase the flow of saliva. Eat slowly. A good chewing prevents the fermentation of foods.


  • Remember that it is essential to drink plenty of water and / or chewing gum (sugar), to get the mouth to generate saliva as it is responsible for eliminating oral bacteria.

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