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Family Health Insurance Plans ensures your family security

It is very important for everyone to stay fit and fine in the family all the time. Staying fit and fine is a great exercise in the present world. In order to enjoy a good health it takes a lot for every individual to demand the best for their family. We are suffering uncertainties as a part of our life and it can become very destructive for the whole family. In case of any healthcare emergency Family health insurance brings back some respite that can change our way of lives. A Family floater plan is such a health insurance policy that covers health care costs for a family under an umbrella. It may be defined as the policy of fulfilling the needs of the whole family. This plan covers pre hospitalization expenses or post hospitalization expenses to reduce the financial liability of the family.

Idea about Family Health Insurance Plans

Family Health Insurance Plan provides an insurance policy that covers a whole family for inpatient treatment for some fixed number of days depending upon the policy. Critical illness can be added as an optional insurance cover that is generally provided with this insurance product as well. The policy covers a various diagnostic procedures such as lodging and boarding, ICU cost and surgery costs may also be included. A newborn baby may also be covered by the family floater plans after a fixed number of days. Family floater plans also provide domiciliary treatment.

Facilities of Family Health Insurance Plans

Family floater health insurance plans are of huge benefits to an individual with a first single policy to cover every family member. It is very important being that you don’t have to buy a separate insurance policy for every member. If you are not required to keep any further track of many individual policies it can eventually save a lot of your time. Fulfilling insurance motives and providing security, the Family floater health insurance plans are the easiest and very low cost modes of insurance that can be bought for the family members. It is not required to keep your documents in a lot of policies under the family floater plan. It is required to keep the documents for a single policy only which is very easily done.


An individual family floater health insurance plan has to carry out some criteria to make the plan eligible. The proposer of the plan must be of age between 18 to 65 years. This is a major evaluated criteria adopted by the health insurance companies. An individual health insurance plan can cover the parents and as well as the children. A child can be covered up to 25 years. It should be noted that age is calculated from the day of issuing the insurance policy.

Family Health Insurance plans come up with various exclusions. Generally, a fixed waiting period is there in order to cover some pre-existing diseases that exist at the time of proposing the plan. Expenses for use of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicating medicines are excluded from the family health insurance plan. Cosmetic or related treatments are also excluded from the family floater health insurance plans.

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