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Family Doctor: Who helps to build a healthy family

A family doctor is a physician and a general practitioner who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses of the family members. Whenever a member in the family suffers illness, they call the family doctor and gets family medicine. His practice covers a variety of medical problems in the patients of all ages. A family doctor is just for anybody or everybody who is dedicated to see the patient in his family and community.


Education status of a family doctor

 A local family doctor is a licensed physician who specializes in family medicine and treats patients for illness and injuries. He develops a long term relationship with the patients. A general family doctor has the least amount of requirements. He has a four year medical school degree and one or two years of residency. A family doctor must undergo a minimum four years undergraduate education. In most cases it takes 11 years to become a family doctor. He must be willing and be able to study there, where stands a clear advantage to become a family doctor. As a family doctor he can enjoy job security as a benefit because there is always a sick person.


Medical Training for a family doctor

A family doctor requires a family medicine training which helps him to address patient and community. The system can provide a better chance to change the health care environment. Family medicine residency programs teaches the opportunity to address the following issues :

  1. Data management and community engagement regarding population
  2. Integration of technology
  3. Awareness in active advocacy among  patients
  4. Dynamics for clinical team.

The training allows to fill essential niches in health care. This health care cover sports medicine, women’s health and global health. A local family doctor can manage multiple chronic diseases in a single visit. He can handle multiple intersecting decisions and can recognize all the cases. Family doctors are trained to handle complexities as well to integrate assessment and planning.


After becoming a family doctor

After becoming, a family doctor can bring out a lucrative salary and an opportunity to help others by enabling them to enjoy a better health. For a better career as a family doctor requires interpersonal ability to help others compassionately. He requires to possess a strong dedication to the field of his career and he must devote his time to study and work. He must be capable of providing all sorts of care for all common problems that are found where the patient resides. He must also be willing to coordinate care whenever a specialist is required.


Finally it can be said, your family doctor should be trained to take care of your health. He is trained in areas of medicine and thus provides routine health screenings and counseling in an effort to prevent illness. The family doctor treats every organ and disease. He cares for all ages from infants to elderly. He takes care of the health of the patient. He listens to the patient and his family and helps them to take the right health care decision.

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