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Health Problems of Elderly Persons

With time people grow old. Elderly people have many health problems. They are more prone to any kind of health problems than others. In this age they need special care to keep away from diseases. People who have elderly parents living with them should be careful to their parents’ health condition and signs of health problems.

Older people are those people who are more than 65 yrs old. This age differs due to health conditions and weather of any country. Older people have a very limited regenerative ability. They are very prone to diseases and sickness. So people should be careful about the senior persons of their families. Care should be taken for those who have ages between 45 and 64. Their health should be the first concern of their family, because, with time their conditions will also worsen.

Elderly people have many types of health problems. Some Common elderly health problems are:

  • Heart diseases: Older people have weaker heart. So they can easily have a heart attack or stroke. Special care should be taken to keep them tension free as much as possible.
  • Diabetes: Now-a-days people of all ages have diabetes. But older people are the worst sufferers. This disease affects the body’s ability to produce insulin.
  • Cancer: Older people have greater rates of having cancer. Their disease preventing ability is less. So they have more chance to get a serious disease like cancer.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a painful disease that can strike the spine, neck, back, shoulder, hands, wrists, hip, knee, ankle and feet. This disease can be of many types.
  • Vision problem:  Various types of eye disease can be experienced by older people. With age, our eyes become weaker. So older people’s ability to see reduces with time.
  • Alzheimer’s: This is a serious disease. In this disease, people have memory loss. They forget everything. Sometimes they also can’t express their basic needs.
  • Parkinson’s disease: Parkinson’s disease is a chronic neurological disorder. It affects the nerve cells. So older people can’t control their muscles.
  • Incontinence: This means loss of bladder control. This can be also a symptom of serious disease like Prostate Cancer.
  • Hearing loss: Most of the older people experience this health problem. They experience a loss of their hearing power.
  • Sleep disorder: This is a common problem. Older people have insomnia or sleeping disorder very often. The cause of this problem is mostly unknown.
  • Osteoporosis: With time our bones become weaker. Osteoporosis is the condition when bones become weaker and breaks easily. This can cause serious trouble as a minor fall or hit can cause a bone break.
  • Lung disease:  The most common lung diseases are asthma, breathing problem, lung cancer etc.
  • Pain: Senior people often have many kinds of pain in their body. These pains can be for many reasons. Pains can also be the symptom of other serious diseases.

Older people need extra care and attention. They should go for a check up to their physicians in a regular basis to keep away from any serious health problem.


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