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The Early Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting moment in a women’s life. It is the stage when a woman feels uncomfortable and confusion regarding their upcoming baby. They are in confusion about what to do, what not to do. Moreover, in that stage every woman feels significant changes into their emotions and experience. Moreover, at the early stages of pregnancy a woman becomes afraid of their major physical and mental changing. Almost all the doctors and gynecologist recommends being careful at the early stages of pregnancy. This article will describe the early stages of pin details.

The early stage of pregnancy can be categories into three stages which is also called as trimesters. These are: the first trimester, the second trimesters and the third trimester. Every pregnant woman should have to pass these three stages before their new baby comes out.


First Trimester:

The first trimester lasting for 14 weeks, this is the very early of the pregnancy stages. This stage is the most fragile period for a woman. Some women cannot recognize this stage as they don’t know that they are going to be pregnant.

The first trimester is the most susceptible stage which is also considered dangerous for the miscarriage. When this stage is crossed out, the chance of losing your baby will be reduced to less than five percent. Moreover, this is the stage when major women suffer from lots of pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms include fatigue, nausea and aversion to carvings foods. Some women have to pass difficult condition as they are not feeling well as like they used to lead.


Second Trimester:

The second trimester also lasts for 14 which begin from the 14th weeks and last long until it is 28th weeks. This stage is considered as the best stage among all three early pregnancy stages. In this stage, women feel relatively well than the first trimester. You will gain your lost health and feel more energetic or less tired. The uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy stage will start to dissipate. Many exciting things may happen in this stage.

You can hear your baby’s heartbeat and find out the gender of your baby at this stage. You can check that in the 20th week of pregnancy through the ultrasound medical checkup. Usually, a doctor needs to see whether your baby is developing properly or not, so that they approach with this checking up method.

baby development The Early Stages of Pregnancy

Third Trimester:

The third trimester is the longest stage when you have to face lots of difficulties in your body and womb. This stage starts from the 28th weeks and will last until you deliver your baby. As usual, the time to deliver comes between 37 to 42 weeks. Usually 40th week is the common length of a woman’s pregnancy. But, this is not happening in every case as not all babies are ready to come outside of your womb. On the other hand, doctors will not allow you to proceed after 42 weeks as it is both dangerous for yourself and your upcoming baby. When it is beyond 42 weeks the level of amniotic fluid will decrease from the baby’s sac. The third trimester is the stage of uncomfortable and painful. You cannot sleep well, but have to spend more time in the restroom than before this stage. You should have to be prepared as your baby may come out at any minute. All the aches and uncomfortableness will be disappearing when the delivery is happening safely.


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