About Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a kind of diseases which is caused by the dengue virus and this is also called as the backbone fever. This is a life threatening fever which can take your life. So you need to be careful about this.


The main cause of dengue is a kind of mosquito. This is actually a mosquito who carries the virus of dengue. If the mosquito bites someone, he will definitely have dengue.


High fever is the main symptom of dengue. If you get affected by this disease, it can take your life. Headache is another symptom of this. You will have pain behind your eyes, if you have dengue virus in your body. This disease causes acute pain related to the muscle and joint. Mild bleeding, vomiting, nausea are also some symptoms of the dengue fever. The skin rash will appear after three or four days.  If any children have dengue, the symptoms will be like he is having normal cold problem or gastroenteritis. By spreading the virus in the body system, it will create several problems. If the problem becomes so acute, it will take your life. It will cause the inflammation of the brain. These are the symptoms of the dengue fever. If you observe these symptoms  in a person, the person is definitely affected by dengue.


Treatment is essential for recovering any kind of diseases. As dengue can take your life, you need to know the treatment of this disease. No specific medicine is required for this. Some people take the pain killers for removing the pain caused by dengue. But this is so harmful. Drinking fluid is essential to recover this problem. You should also take rest regularly for being cured. Consulting a doctor is essential for this problem. If your condition gets worse within twenty four hours, you need to admit to a hospital quickly. 

Different types

There are two types of dengue fever. One is severe and the other is uncomplicated. If you don’t take treatment after observing the symptoms of dengue fever, then it will be severe dengue fever. Besides, if you take care from the very beginning of the disease, then it will be uncomplicated. Severe dengue is harmful for people and it can take your life. So care should be taken from the very beginning.

Dengue is a virus related fever caused by the bite of a mosquito. So you should be careful about the mosquito. It is essential to be safe from the mosquito by taking different kinds of protections. If you failed to do this, you may have the dengue fever. After watching the symptoms of dengue, you need to take effective steps for recovering soon. A doctor can help you to diagnose your disease properly. By diagnosing your problem, he will be able to confirm your disease. If you are sure that you have dengue, then you can take different steps. Follow the prescription of doctor. Take medicines properly. Take some rests and follow the routines. You will be able to get well soon and be free from this disease.

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