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What are the common symptoms of high blood pressure?

Almost millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure, but the problem remains undetected due to having less knowledge about the symptoms. Most of us are unable to detect this silent killer. We are able to discover this disease only when we go for a medical examination for different health disorder. On the other hand, we are able to discover this when the hypertension reached to the peak or when the level is too much critical.

You will be able to detect high blood pressure, when the blood pressure jumps from 75 to 100 in diastolic meter. But, this situation will happen in most cases as the blood pressure creeps up gradually. So, you may be confused about what are the common symptoms of high blood pressure? This article will tell in you details about these symptoms. So, check out the symptoms and let’s try to defense high blood pressure.

Common symptoms of high blood Pressure

There are some common symptoms that frequently recur and suspected to be the symptoms of high blood pressure.

  • Headaches and feeling depressed are particular reasons for the blood pressure. These increase the adrenal medulla/gland, which increase the blood pressure.
  • Hear ringing sound inside of your ears is a symptom of High Blood Pressure. This problem occurs when thousands of auditory hairs are damaged. It also causes partial or total hearing loss.
  • Dizziness is another symptom of high blood pressure. If you rise up early in the morning, but go to sleep at midnight, you may have to shift from low blood pressure to the high blood pressure.
  • If your blood pressure reaches to the 110 (diastolic) or 180 (systolic), sudden nosebleeds will take place. The high blood cause tearing the tiny blood vessels in the nose.
  • Blurred vision is another symptom of high blood pressure. High blood pressure damages the flow of blood into the eyes through tiny blood vessels. That’s why fluid buildup underneath the retina, which damage the optic nerves.

So, if you are experiencing any one of these symptoms, never hesitate to go to a doctor for proper medication. Otherwise, these indications will turn you to type A hypertensive person. Moreover, these turn to the stress, lack of fitness, poor nutrition, overload of insulin and heredity. Remember, these symptoms due to sodium-potassium imbalance, alcohol and dietary fat surplus.

In case you did not take the proper steps for high blood pressure, you may be affected by heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, or even death. The only preventative step that you can take is regular medical checkup. It is most important to those who have a familial hypertension history. So, you should take preventative measures against this disorder.

Due to the medical theories, these symptoms of high blood pressure occur when the diseases are activated due to the lack of activity, or consumption of food. It means, the healthiest food you eat, the more exercise you do regularly, the more good health will be achieved.

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