Some Common Infectious Diseases

In today’s world, almost all of us know about infectious diseases. We know how to control and how to prevent infection. We are much aware to prevent any disease, so that  we use hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, hand washing liquid/detergent, and some other antibacterial spray. We simply aware of these infectious diseases, but we don’t know about for what we are taking action. Here are some common infectious diseases that spread mostly in North America.



It is a common infectious disease and acute in North America. Hepatitis is related to viruses and found in three forms. Among them, Hepatitis A is one of the most common diseases that are very acute form. This lasts for at least six months from the primary infection. Moreover, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C are the main causes of the liver diseases. Prevention is better than the treatment of Hepatitis diseases. The treatment of Hepatitis is dependent on the strain of virus.



This one is a very painful and infectious disease, which attacks on the lungs of a  person. The attacking of Pneumonia causes inflammation in the lungs and fill it with fluid. Usually, these attacks are caused by some viruses, fungis and bacterias. Both childs and adults are attacked by Pneumonia. There are some common symptoms of Pneumonia that are seen from almost all persons. Cough, chest pain and difficulty of taking breath are most common symptoms of the pneumonia. People who develop pneumonia should be hospitalized to treat this condition effectively. Hepatitis can also be treated by using antibiotics. But, don’t forget to take doctors prescribed medicine.

Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox that is caused by Varicella Zoster Virus, which is considers as the child’s illness. Recently, teeangers and adults are alsp seen to be attacked by this diseases. This is a high risk infectious disease that can be directly transmitted from an infected person to the well-off person. You have to avoid the direct contact with an infected person to keep yourself safe from thisdisease.This disease is accompanied with unbearable pain. In order to prevent Chicken Pox, you should have to use the vaccine. Vaccination of Chicken Pox is available in the whole world.


Strep Throat

Strep Throat is a common infectious disease in North America. This common disease causes several symptoms, these are, swollen tonsils, general discomfort, illness, Malaise, Difficulty swallowing, Fever, Fever Headache, Ear pain Hives, inflammation, Chills, Bruises, Bumps, and swelling on the side of the neck. Don’t contact with the infected patients directly, maybe you should be next to suffer this painful disease. Many effective preventatives have been discovered to prevent this disease. But, the best prevention is to avoid all direct contact with the affected person until he/she come round from the fever period.

Alongside these four common diseases, many other diseases have also attacked theNorth American every year. So, everyone should be careful and take necessary steps to avoid these infectious diseases. Proper understanding of infectious diseases will create much awareness to prevent them effectively.


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