Choosing the Type of Bristles on a Toothbrush

If you were to walk into a store nowadays with the intention of buying a toothbrush you’d find yourself confronted with tons of different options. Not only do toothbrushes come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors – but even the bristles can differ from one another too.

Assuming you want to make the right choice and pick a toothbrush that will help you to clean your teeth thoroughly then you should be careful before choosing. Some of the factors that you should consider include:

• Firmness of the bristles
For quite some time now many toothbrushes have come with 3 different types of firmness, normally described as ‘hard’, ‘medium’ or ‘soft’. The prevailing belief for a long time was that ‘hard’ bristles can help to get rid of plaque and stains a lot better, but nowadays dentists have verified that isn’t the case.

Essentially unless you’re advised otherwise by a dentist you should stick to soft bristles. Not only will the flexibility of soft bristles help you to reach into areas that may be hard to reach, but they are also a lot less likely to injure your gums too.

• Size and shape
The shape and size of the bristles is a bit more subjective and choosing the right type will vary from person to person. Nowadays there are bristles that are crisscrossed, cup shaped, diagonal and much more – and all of them have their merits to be perfectly honest.

If you like you could ask your dentist for recommendations however the main factor you should consider is how well the size and shape you’re choosing is able to fit in your mouth and reach even to the far recesses that you need to clean. Some designs may get in the way, while others may not.

Generally speaking those are the two areas that you should look at in the bristles of your toothbrush. Of course when it comes to the toothbrush as a whole there are other areas that should be looked into as well – such as the size, handle grip, and so on.

If you have trouble with the toothbrush you chose or simply find it difficult to choose in the first place then be sure to talk to your dentist. Not only will your dentist be able to provide you with a recommendation but they may even have sample toothbrushes that you can try out to see whether you like them.

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