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Chin Implants the New Breast Enhancement

Since the year 2010, the world has witness an astounding 71% rise in America in the chin implant surgery request while the UK got a whopping 50% rise in number. Thus, it has been dubbed as the new “breast enhancement” or the “new boob job” that has once been taking the spotlight in clinics and hospitals.

Daily Mail called the new obsession as “doing a Marilyn” in lieu with the new evidence of the star’s cosmetic procedures. The increase in the procedures has been mostly from women with men tailing behind.

Best Chin in Hollywood

Scarlett Johansson is one of those who got the best chin in Hollywood. Ann Nicole Smith is worthy of the runner up as well. Katy Perry, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Love Hewitt have sexy chins so far.

For men, Ashton Kutcher, Andre Samberg, Viggo Mortensen are also nominated in the category.

The Chin Implant Hype

The chin implant requests are mostly from average people in their 25th year of age. Several celebrities have already had theirs in the open as chin augmentation can be fairly visible. The idea of chin implants is for more definition for women and more for younger looks for older people.

There are several ways to get the procedure, it involves different techniques. The chin and the jaw line are among the first part in the face that can show the signs of aging, a little tweak in it can’t hurt.

Reasons Why Many Opt for Chin Implants

Reasons for chin implants may vary from personal to hilarious to practical reasons. Some of which are outlined below.

  1. Correct weak chin. Some were born with chin that doesn’t match with their whole facial features. Weak chin or the receding chin can affect your overall motivation. When you’re conscious then tendency is you’ll get less confident. Thus, many people tend to veer towards Mentoplasty or the chin surgery.
  2. Improve profile. A chin implant can improve looks and can add extra strength to the face. It is an added benefit for those who are doing some nose job as well.
  3. Improve jaw line for aging face. When you age, sometimes your face parts feel out of proportion.  It can contour face and help you avoid the effects of aging if it’s combined with all other procedure.
  4. Reconstruction. Chin surgery doesn’t only aim for aesthetic goals; it can be very beneficial for reconstructive purposes as well. Patients who underwent trauma, accidents and injury can have the procedure.
  5. Career. People in the upper echelon of the management and corporations are often pictured with CEO’s with strong chins. Even female ones. Chin can be an investment.

Chin augmentation often has only subtle difference. Sometimes, it can be making a big difference in your looks but many can’t tell. The chin augmentation is often done in as short as 30 minutes and has low downtime. It would take you three days to return back to.

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