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The Cause of Heart Attack and its Prevention

In medical science, heart attack is known as the infarction of Myocardium. Heart attack is happening, when myocardium or heart muscles are damaged or death and your heart stops functioning properly. Heart attack happens due to cardiovascular diseases. Many sudden deaths are happening due to heart attack every year.

The cause of heart attack:

May be you are passing a healthy days or hours, but sudden heart attack can take away your life. It may happen suddenly and can take away your life. Among many cardiovascular diseases, one of the most common and dangerous diseases is CHD or Coronary Heart Disease, which is also goes to CAD or Coronary Artery Disease.

The Coronary arteries is a kind of vessels that naturally carry oxygen-rich blood to you myocardium or hearth muscles. The obstacle that affects your coronary arteries is considered as the Coronary Artery Disease. This condition takes place due to gradual and slow build up of the fatty deposits in the wall of human arteries. It can affect the arteries due to growing and building up into the lumen and obstruction the blood flow. This kind of diseases is known as the atherosclerosis.

The fatty deposit of the heart builds up gradually, become thick, and obstructs the blood flow. Naturally, the buildup process of fatty deposit is slow, but sudden rapture can speed up this process and severe the condition. The rupture of fatty deposit starts the blood clotting system. Such sudden occlusion can cause irreversible death of heart muscle that is supplied by the artery. This participates to sudden stop of the heartbeat and cause heart attack.

Most common cause of heart attack:

The most common cause of heart attack is Coronary heart disease. There are also some other cardiovascular diseases that are associated with the hearth diseases. However, if your family has a history of coronary diseases then it may be strongest risk factors for you to appear. Usually the men suffer more in heart disease then the women. However, after menopause women also approaches to the heart diseases, especially for the hormonal therapies. There are also some other risk factors of heart disease like Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, Smoking and much more.

Prevent heart attack:

The numbers of deaths due to heart related disease are increasing day by day. If you want to take necessary steps to prevent heart attack, at first you need to give a look over the cardiovascular diseases. You need to prevent cardiovascular diseases and take action before it is getting worse in your body. Unhealthy life style is one of the major causes of heart attack. As a result, you need to change your lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habit, lack of physical activity, smoking, eating junk and fatty foods can increase the risk of heart attack. You do not need to completely avoid them, but need to be cautious and maintain a healthy eating habit as well as lifestyle.

The original cause of heart attack is totally unknown. You cannot completely prevent or cure that, but if you lead a healthy lifestyle then you can decrease the risk of heart attack.

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