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Cancer Information: The most common types of cancer

There are many ongoing and extensive researches about cancer, but we are not much concern about this deadly disease. One surprising thing about cancer is that some specific types of cancers that are frequently happening than the other types. For this reason, we should learn more about the cancer information and the way of preventing them. If you know about them, you can prevent them in time. This article of cancer information is for you to give you some idea about different types of cancer.

Lung Cancer:

It is a common type of cancer. This type of cancer is frightening for a simple reason. The expected deaths are above half of the total newly diagnosed cases. One surprising things about lung cancer is that it is more preventable than the other types of cancer. More than 85%-90% reason of lung cancer is passive smoking. If you can protect your lung from tobacco or other carcinogenic substances, you can prevent yourself from being affected through lung cancer. A non-smoker is 25 times risk free than the chain smoker. So, if you are a smoker than you should quit smoking to reduce the risk.

Prostate Cancer:

Prostate cancer is another most common type. A research have shown, almost every people above 80 has some symptoms of prostate cancer. This type of cancer developed in the prostate gland. Prostate is a small gland, which is right under the bladder and closer to the rectum. However, it is hard to trace out the cause of having prostate cancer, but you can avoid it through daily routine rectal exam. Regular or periodical basis rectal exam is the optimal method for preventing this disease. Another way to prevent this disease is to maintain regular diet with less animal fats.

Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is considered as the third most common type. Usually women are porn to this cancer, but there are also few numbers of male people who are being attacked by breast cancer. Like the prostate cancer, the cause of this cancer is unknown. As a result, there is no effective method to prevent. Regular screening, Mammogram testing is needed. You can also spot the condition by self-examination. There are some factors, which you should consider to decrease the risk of breast cancer. These are obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Colorectal Cancer:

Colorectal cancer is referred to the colon and rectal cancer. It is another one common types of cancer. However, the cause of this cancer is unknown, but you can reduce the risk through regular screening. Regular screening should be done for those who or whose family has a history of colon polyps. Fiber, which is found in vegetables and fruit, can reduce the risk. These symptoms will be getting more dangerous if you have hemorrhoids. Therefore, regular examination can save you from being affected.

There are also many other common types of cancer such as bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, endometrial cancer, thyroid cancer and kidney cancer. Hope this cancer information will help you to learn more and to prevent it. Cancer is not curable diseases. If you try, you will able to prevent it, though in most cases we do not know about the main of cause of cancer. We should know about the Cancer and take necessary helps to prevent them.

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