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Boost Your Mood By Managing Undesirable Emotions

Have you ever thought that you have what it takes to infect both yourself and other people with a good mood? Our mood fluctuates, which means you can also produce a negative effect. We have all experienced days when it seems impossible for things to go the right way. Relax, and know that there are great and fairly simple ways to improve your mood. Being nervous, edgy, cranky, and annoyed can also affect your overall health, but not many people know how to manage those undesirable emotions.

Thoughts generate our mood. They move from your head into your body, or better – spirit. By calming yourself and improving your mood, you can avoid stressed and sad emotions. Anger and sadness live in the past, fear and anxiety live in the future, and what you need to get a hold on is the present moment. Here is how you can lift your mood.


You know how people make that ‘ohm’ sound while meditating? When you hum, you produce the same vibratory sound, and by humming different tones you can affect different chakras (auric layers and chakras have become major subjects of metaphysical studies). The seven chakras are all affected by different musical notes, so do a little research, and perform your own quiet sound chants when you want to fix the disharmony.

Exposure To Light

Get as much sunlight as you can, because people who are more exposed to light during the day have less problems with sleeping and depressed moods. A research conducted at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health shows that short exposure to natural light improves “pleasantness”, one dimension of the human mood status. Take a 30 minute walk, go to the park, or take a bike ride on a bright day somewhere away from the city turmoil to lift your mood.


Smile, even if you do not feel like it. Try to keep a smile on your face for at least a couple of minutes. If you find it difficult, try thinking of something funny (a memory, a favorite movie scene, or a funny video you have watched recently), and laugh about it. You will produce the same effect if you make someone else smile by telling a joke, or sharing a funny thought, memory, or story.


When you feel some kind of psychological burden, physical exercise is one of the best ways for getting relieved of it, and achieving a mind-body balance. Also, obesity can make a strong negative impact on your mood. The results of a 2007 study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the Leiden University Medical Center indicate that obesity increases the risk of depression, while “depression was found to be predictive of developing obesity”. Exercising promotes the secretion of mood-lifting hormones (especially serotonin). If you want to lose some weight, Legion Forge can motivate you, provide energy, and help you with slipping into a good mood from a bad one.


We link certain songs to specific life events. While listening to music that you link with past happy moments, it will reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and boost your mood. Create a playlist with music that causes a smile. It helps you with getting rid of those dark thoughts that make you feel blue.

Turn Off Electronics

Today, we depend on a variety of appliances, devices, and gadgets. Take a break from them every now and then, turn everything off and log out from that kind of routine, because it encourages inactivity and confiscates your energy. You should especially do this every night, about half an hour before going to bed, because it will allow you to relax, and increase the chance of having a good night’s sleep. Remove the influence of your smartphone, TV, and computer, smile and think your own thoughts.

It is really not complicated at all. Think about all of your routine actions that may cause you to feel drained of energy, and reduce them to a minimum (if you cannot entirely avoid them). On the other hand, try incorporating some of the aforementioned suggestions into your daily routine, and enable your body to access the energy required for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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