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Ayurvedic Products: Natural Medicine

Ayurvedic (from the word, “Ayurveda” meaning: “Life-knowledge”) medicine is the system of traditional medicine in the Indian subcontinent and (like Homeopathy) a type of alternative medicine. Today, more than 100 Indian colleges offer degrees on traditional medicine. Products (pharmaceutical and not) that constitute Ayurvedic form of treatment are called Ayurvedic products. They can be found at any pharmaceutical dispensaries. These type of products have been said to both prevent and cure diseases. Reasoning for its use is mainly attributed to the fact that it is more affordable and concentrates on the patient’s ideology more than allopathic products.

As a traditional medicine, many Ayurvedic products have been tested in arduous scientific studies and clinical trials. In India, for example, research on Ayurveda is undertaken by the statutory Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) through a network of academic institutions.

However, a review on Ayurveda and Cardiovascular disease concluded that this types of products were not convincing and added that they showed no benefits. Some of the herbs used, however, seemed to be promising. Many plants used in the products as rejuvenation medication are potent antioxidants. One of them, called Neem, has beneficial pharmaceutical properties. Others, such as Turmeric and Curcumin, have shown capability in preventing cancer in vitro.

However, in some Ayurvedic products Toxic metals like Lead, Mercury and Arsenic is said to be used. Products containing such toxic metals could be harmful for us and might cause severe lead poisoning, among other toxic effects.

Traditional medicine like Ayurvedic products have shown considerable efficiency in metal health.  Although it can be argued that further clinical trials and research are needed to assure the capability of Ayurvedic products, it has enough potential to help a wide spectrum of the health care arena.

In India alone, some 80% people use some form of Ayurvedic products. In a clinical trial on two varieties of Salvia provided evidence that products made from this can improve word recall in young adults. Another trial of a similar sort provided that it can improve symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease.  

For a truly holistic loom to medicine and healing, we need Ayurveda providing the medical foundation and Yoga the spiritual goal and practices. This is the original Vedic format. The Ayurveda products are fully harmless for the body because it has no side effects. Ayurveda products are made directly from nature like many medicine trees are used here. Different body parts of different trees are collected then they are used in the  making of ayurvedic products.

At length, we can assert that though there are a few shortcomings on Ayurvedic products, though it heals in a very l over period of time it can be held as mostly effective.  

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