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5 Worst Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth

We all want that Hollywood smile, perfect and perfectly white. Sad to say, many of the foods we eat actually stain our teeth. Beware next time you sit down for a meal or you could end up with yellow teeth long before your friends do.


According to the Kucey Dental Group, coffee is the biggest culprit. Consumed every morning and all day by people around the world, it provides some needed pep at the expense of a beautiful smile. To lessen this, avoid darker coffee or brush immediately afterward. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, try switching to apple juice since its natural sugars will keep your smile white and give you the needed pick up.


Second only to coffee, red wines are acidic and burn their way into the enamel, allowing staining from the inside. But what about white wines? These are just as acidic, and while they don’t come with their own dark staining properties, the acid leaves natural teeth protection weak against any other staining foods you have.


Most of these processed wonders are dyed with blues, reds and yellows but don’t think the stained tongue is the only thing that succumbs to the coatings. Basically, if it stains your tongue, it stains your teeth. Keep candy crunching to a minimum, if at all, unless you want to spend all day at the dentist.



Be it diet or regular, soda is just no good for the human body. Its sugars lead to cavities and the citric and phosphoric acid break down the enamel, allowing the naturally yellow dentin to come shining through. The sooner you stop, the healthier your teeth will be as you age.


Health food is all good for you, right? While berries are super high in antioxidants and a wonderful snack, they come with their own dark juices that leave marks on your teeth. Be sure to brush thoroughly immediately after each indulgence to minimize their effect.

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No matter how delicious, if it’s a dark food, it’s going to harm your teeth. Generally, the less acidic the better since acid opens up holes in the enamel, but if you want to keep a white smile for as long as possible, avoid these staining foods altogether. If you just can’t because you enjoy them too much, definitely invest in a regular teeth whitening with your dentist.

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