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5 Secrets to Training for Your First Marathon

Training for your first marathon is an intense process that you must devote a great deal of time to. You must remember that each time you go out for a run is a time that you are preparing to run 26.2 miles. You do not get off the couch and run 26.2 miles your first time out. Also, you need to be ready to run long distances on a moment’s notice. You need to feel comfortable going that distance, and the planning process for your marathon must be carefully considered.

5 Secrets to Training for Your First Marathon 5 Secrets to Training for Your First Marathon

The Running

When you are running in preparation for a marathon, you need to make sure that you are running varying distances as you get ready. Each day should be a new distance, and you must take a day to rest every week. Most people start by running one mile, but they increase that distance over the course of a week. When the runner is comfortable running great distances, they must make sure that they are running goal distances.

The goal distance for a week should be fairly close to the distance of 26.2 miles. However, the runner does not have to run a full marathon very often. When a runner gets used to a certain distance, they will not feel like they can go much farther than that. Therefore, changing distances allows the body to be ready for the change to the marathon distance.

The Diet

You must make sure that your diet is healthy enough to keep you safe when you are running long distances. Your body needs a great deal of fuel to get through a long run, and you need to have a protein and carbohydrate rich diet that helps with the running.

You also need to be hydrated before and during your runs. When you are running long distances, you need to bring along a water bottle that you can drink from over the course of the run. You cannot wait until the end of the run to drink water as your body may go into shock.


You must choose shoes that are going to protect your feet when you are running. Each new shoe that you put on must be soft enough to cradle your foot, and the shoe must be strong enough to stand up to the long distance you are running. If your shoes do not fit perfectly, you could be in a great deal of pain when you are running such long distances to be seen easily by drivers and cyclists.

You cannot be unsafe when you are on the road, and you must take these precautions even during a race. The race is a time when you can still be in danger, and you may not be able to help yourself if you are spent from a long run.

The rest days that you take must include icing your joints and muscles. Your body is being put under a great deal of stress, and you need to treat it well. Remember that the man who ran the first marathon to the Greek city of Marathon died at the end of the race. Resting will protect your body and your heart. Each step above is going to lead you closer to having a safe and successful race.



You must make sure that you are safe when you are running long distances. Medical alert bracelets for women, safety vests and bright colors will help people to see you when you are running. The alert bracelet will help responders if you are injured or fall ill during a run, and the safety vests will allow you

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