4 Easy Lifestyle Tips to Avoid Cavities

The lifestyle you lead has a big impact on whether or not you’re at risk of developing cavities. While your dental hygiene regimen has the largest role to play, there are several other lifestyle changes that you can make which will help you to avoid cavities and improve your oral hygiene across the board.

1. Making sure bottled or tap water has fluoride
Many people drink bottled water because they’re worried about the quality of their tap water – however while most tap water (especially in the United States) is fluoridated, a lot of bottled water is not. Figure out whether or not the water you’re drinking is fluoridated, and if it isn’t but you want to stick to bottled water then try to find bottled water that does contain fluoride.

2. Avoiding snacking frequently
Nowadays most diets tend to recommend that people eat smaller meals on a more regular basis – which is great for weight loss because it prevents overeating while keeping the appetite at bay. Unfortunately while that may be great for weight loss, it isn’t good for oral hygiene and it means that your teeth will be exposed to a higher quantity of acid on a more regular basis too.

3. Eating healthy
It goes without saying that consuming too much sugary and sweet foods are bad for your teeth – but on the flipside eating a healthy and balanced diet is good for it. Aside from fluoride your teeth do make use of several other minerals and vitamins and so making sure that your diet is well-balanced will help to stave off cavities in the long run.

4. Staying away from alcohol and smoking
As far as bad habits go, both alcohol and smoking are extremely bad for your teeth and should be avoided at all costs. Needless to say that is a lot easier said than done but it is certainly one lifestyle change that will have a dramatic effect on your oral hygiene as well as your health in general.

Try to implement these lifestyle changes and you’ll reduce your risk of developing cavities notably. Even if you can’t adhere to them totally, making the effort and sticking to them as far as possible will also provide an improvement that will help you out. Of course you should also look at other areas of your dental hygiene regimen such as your brushing technique, flossing, and even how regularly you pay a visit to your dentist.

Be sure to ask the Plymouth dentist you visit about what you should be doing to improve your oral hygiene. If you’re looking for one, head over to the Smilecare Cosmetic Centre, 130 North Hill, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8LA.

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