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10 Workout Errors Preventing You from Reaching Your Goals

If your current workout program just isn’t cutting it, it may be time to make some changes. Although there is no one specific formula for achieving your goals, there are some common mistakes that plague even the best of us. Take a look at these 10 common workout errors, and see if you can improve your workout program.


  1. You Are Not Confident


Confidence can be difficult to achieve. After all, there is no on/off confidence switch. Remember that everyone started at the beginning. If you feel like people are judging you, find a more supportive fitness community. You are making a positive change in your life, so don’t let anyone make you feel inferior. You can achieve your goals, so try not to second-guess yourself.


  1. You Are Not Preparing


If you want your exercise sessions to be productive, you must take some preliminary steps. First, you should fuel your body with a light meal or snack that is packed with nutrients. A fruit smoothie is an ideal choice because it sits easy and gives you plenty of energy. Always stretch thoroughly before you attempt any sort of vigorous workout.


  1. You Are Starting Too Strong


Never push yourself harder than necessary. You should always begin your workout very mildly, and then increase the intensity as you go. This prevents injury and also allows your body to prepare for the workout ahead.


  1. You Are Not Making Your Workout Program a Priority


Many people treat their fitness plans as an extracurricular activity that can be cancelled at any time. If you want to get the most out of a workout program, you need to treat it as an obligation. On those days when you just don’t feel like exercising, push through it and go anyways.


  1. You Are Forgetting the post-Workout Routine


Most people realize the importance of pre-workout planning, but what happens after the session is often overlooked. First of all, just because you exercised doesn’t mean you should go home and eat an entire container of ice cream! Rewarding yourself is fine, but use moderation. After your workout, eat something that is dense with nutrients. Your body is recovering, and a healthy meal is essential.


  1. You Are Not Stimulated


If you don’t look forward to your workout program, it is time to make a change. First and foremost, exercising should be fun. Sign up for a Spinning class if you enjoy indoor cycling, or join a local sports league. When you are excited to exercise, the results come naturally.


  1. You Are Not Doing Endurance Exercises


It is all too easy to pump weights for an hour and then call it quits because you feel exhausted. Cardio exercises are essential, but often overlooked. If you are not sure which exercises are best for you, talk to a fitness professional, and make a plan that fits your goals.


  1. You Lack Instruction


A workout plan is a personal thing. Just because your friend has had success with a certain plan does not mean that you will too. Hiring a personal trainer can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to take your fitness plan to new heights.


  1. Your Lifestyle Does Not Fit Your Workout Plan


You can be sure that professional athletes don’t go home after the game and smoke a pack of cigarettes! If you want to get the most out of your time into the gym, you must consider what you do outside of the gym. Take steps to eliminate harmful lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive drinking, or eating junk food.


  1. You Have Not Defined your Goals


When you have a clearly defined goal, losing 50 pounds for example, it is easier to stay focused. Set realistic short-term goals, and then increase them as you go. For example, you could set a goal to lose 5 pounds in one month, and then 7 pounds the next month. Take it day by day, and don’t give up if you fail to meet your goals.

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